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Trailer billboard advertising

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About Pimp Media

Founded in 2007, we pride ourselves in our professionalism and competitive pricing and shall tailor make an ad campaign to benefit your Exhibition or Business

Council Approved

The locations selected and used by Pimp Media conforms to local councils by-laws

Fully Insured

We indemnify and hold our advertisers harmless against damage to property, injury or loss caused arrising out of the rental of our ad trailers

BEE Accredited

We endorse and support the South African Government 's Black Economic Empowerment program. Pimp Outdoor Media is an accredited small enterprise with a level rating of 4

Fast Turnaround

We provide a turnaround time of 48 hours (upon receipt of your artwork in the correct format by 12h00 from Monday to Wednesday) to going live with your ad campaign

What we do


Pimp Media is a Fourways (Johannesburg) based advertising media owner.

We focus on your event and company’s media planning and execution thereof. We conduct advertising campaigns for local, regional and national clients. Our company specialises in helping our clients get their message to the right audience at the right time at the right places at the right price.

The greatest attribute of this type of outdoor advertising is that it enables Pimp Media to create a media plan that incorporates traditional billboard (fixed) qualities with the re-location of your message to a new location at least 7 times during a 30 day period. This attribute permits us to deliver the best return on your advertising investment for your company.

Pimp Media shall tailor make an ad campaign to suite your company’s outdoor advertising requirements.

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By the numbers

Days Worked & Continuing

Ad Campaigns Completed & Continuing to Increase

m2 of PVC Vinyl Prints Produced and Flighted

Satisfied clients & Continuing to Increase

Our Work

Below you can have a look at some examples of work we have done in the past

Why Trailer Billboards?

It increases your potential clients or visitors more than any other medium of outdoor advertising

Multiple Locations

A fixed billboard remains in a single location VS a trailer billboard that is relocated to a new location a minimum of 7 times in a 30 day period. Estimates: Fixed Billboard = 50 000 vehicles per day x 30 days totals the same audience of 1, 500, 000 for the ad campaign period VS Trailer Billboard = 50 000 vehicles per day totals an audience of 214, 286 every 4.29 days 7 times during 30 days

Cost Effective

A Trailer billboard costs considerably less than a fixed billboard. 42m2 Fixed Billboard (Average) Monthly Rate = R30 000 VS 42m2 Trailer Billboard (Average) Monthly Rate = R9500 (subject to quotation)

Attention Grabbing

Trailer billboards are viewed by 95% of motorists because it is a highly visible. A minimum of 3 visual visits per motorist or pedestrian is required for a relationship to be established with an advertisement. Trailer billboards enforce the availability of the service and brand to assure the consumer thereof.

Graphic Advice

Outdoor advertisements are viewed by an audience on the move and therefore the message exposure has to be the primary consideration during the design and preparation of the creative process. Exposure time is limited and the following 6 design principles have to be considered: 1. Big Illustrations 2. Bold Colours 3. Simple Backgrounds 4. Legible Font Type 5. Product Must Be Easily Identified 6. Simple Layout
Please see examples of artwork of completed ad campaigns on the 'Our Work' page.

What Clients Says

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